Barkers About Pets – Grooming & More…

For as long As I can remember I have always been drawn towards animals. My mum has a love of dogs so I grew up around them whilst my dad had a love of the felines. My working career has always been the stereotypical working in offices doing administrative roles or customer services. I enjoyed them but I was always being pulled to a career where animals were the main focus.
The path of life introduced me to Brian who was to become my husband and this is where everything changed. I arrived at a junction with the opportunity to quit my job and undertake a 2 year course in Animal Management, which I am proud to have completed to Triple Grade Distinction. Alongside this one of my favourite animal charities The Dogs Trust opened up in Denton and I was accepted as a volunteer. I undertook a wide range of courses which included canine communication and defensive handling training, loose lead training and bathing and grooming. Awards for “most polite canine assistant” and “most resilient” were awarded and accepted with pride.
Two years later that same path of life took me on another route that found myself enrolled on an introductory to dog grooming  alongside an intensive dog grooming course. This is where Barkers About Pets began.
My salon is all about our pets. Not just the obvious dogs and cats, but our small furries too. We love them all and want the best of health and happiness for them. A visit to Barkers will provide you with the knowledge that your pet is in the safest of hands, I will treat them with the love and respect that I afford my own animals, indeed my hubby Brian frequently tells me that I treat our animals (and I have a few, a British Giant rabbit, 2 pussycats and a dog!) with way more TLC than him!